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Electronic Signature and Fingerprint.Security.Annotations.Forms

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Digital sign PDF documents with PKI and Biometric Signature or Fingerprints

■ Fluid PDF enables the user to create digitally signed PDF recognized by Adobe. The advantage of a digital signed document is that the feature secures the document from any tempering.

■ Fluid PDF adopts two mainstream digital signing methodology in the current market today: PKI (Public Key Infrastructures) and Biometric signature.

■For PKI signature, Fluid PDF supports the use of file pfx certificates or USB tokens that is supplied by our Certificate Authority partner Netrust Pte Ltd.

■ For Biometric signature, Fluid PDF fully adopts the methodology of our partner Topaz Systems. It makes use of Topaz's electronic signature and fingerprint software and pads for the capture, binding, authentication, and verification of electronic signatures or fingerprint in PDF.

■ Generally we would apply biometric digital signatures in environment where it requires the signatures from the general public and PKI digital signatures within organization's where identity of the signer is more easily recognized and efficiency is more desired.

Password protect your Document With Text and Fingerprint

■ PDF document is now more easily protected with Fluid PDF. You can encrypt and decrypt a PDF document with options of password as well as biometric fingerprint.

Annotate objects and forms filling on PDF document with ease

■ Fluid PDF allows the user to have the ability to annotate objects as well as filling up forms in PDF documents.

■ It allows annotations of text,rectangle,line,ellipse,link,highlight,sticky note,scribble and file attachment.

■ It also allows you to fill up forms as well as create form elements like check box, radio button, list box etc on your PDF.

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Fluid Fax Server

Fluid Fax Server allows users to send and receive faxes from their computers. 

Please access our new page: for more details.

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Fluid SMS Gateway

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Fluid SMS is a TWO way email to SMS gateway. It allows users to send and receive SMS in the same way they send and receive ordinary email. It can also integrate easily to any third party applications via SMTP protocol. Administrators can also grant access to normal users via the web interface. This allows normal users to view the SMS that they’ve sent and received from any web browser.


■ Any computer with Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista
■ 256MB RAM and 800MHz processor
■ Microsoft Dotnet 2.0 framework

■ In built SMTP Server – One TCP Port required

For Pricing, contact your Fluid SMS Gateway reseller or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

■ Easy monitoring of outgoing/incoming transmissions
Administrators and normal users can monitor centralized SMS transmission logs from a web browser or notification via email. This greatly increases the ease of monitoring both outgoing and incoming SMS transmissions.  

■ Same Sending Interface as Email
Fluid SMS allows users to send SMS like they send email. It can work with any mail system that allows receptive sending via SMTP.

■ Advanced Filtering
Users can perform filtering on the SMS transmission logs based on a number of parameters such as date, sender, recipient etc. This increases the efficiency of users when they need to search for certain SMS transmissions.

■ Access Control
Administrators can grant access to normal users just by adding them into the licensed users list. The normal users can then view the SMS that they’ve sent and received.

■ Supports MS Access and MS SQL database for Logs
Fluid SMS can switch database between MS Access and MS SQL.

■ Flexible Transmission profiles for each user
Each system user can have own predefined transmission profile. It allows full customization of message down to individual users.

■ Automated Server formatting of Text message
Fluid SMS can apply formatting to the text message:

  1. Pre/post concatenate messages with predefined strings
  2. Replace words for efficient sending
  3. Option to send subject in body

■ Better control on transmission failure contingency
Fluid SMS has option to route failure transmission to another SMS gateway or SMTP server. This is useful in the case of modem failure or loss of signal where it can route message to another operational server. Users can also receive failure notification report.

■ Auto Delete Log Mechanism
Message Logs can be configured to be auto deleted after certain period in the system.

■ Support Both Internal and IIS SMTP Server
Fluid SMS can be applied in machines without IIS as it has a built in SMTP Server.

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Fluid iSMS

Cloud based SMS Service

Fully internet based SMS service. No setup cost and annual subscription cost. You only pay what you use.

Send SMS via Web portal and http api for applications triggering.

One of the lowest SMS rates.

Please visit for more details.

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Fluid Cast

Automatic sending of emails, faxes and SMSes from folder

Fluid Cast’s folder scanner capability scans a particular folder for files and automatically sends out emails based on the contents of the files.

This is especially useful for integration with external systems such as SAP and Navision.

The folder scanner can be configured to make use of information in the file name or the contents of the files. Fluid Monitor will then send out emails automatically based on the information. These emails can be forwarded to an email, fax or SMS server which will automatically send out emails, faxes and SMSes.

For a source file that is a text file separated by a separator, such as a csv (comma separated values) file, Fluid Monitor can be configured to retrieve the values of each data column in the file. It can then substitute the various parameters of an email based on these values.

The parameters include email sending time, sender email address, recipient email address, subject, message body and attachment. An email with the substituted parameters will be sent for each line of the text file.


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